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Cennetten bir #tb 

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I DID IT!!! Such a flood of emotions today...I wasn’t expecting to cry but as soon as I started running the tears hit me like a ton of bricks. ⁣

I was finally doing this, it was finally happening...this moment I had thought about for almost 17 years, and today was the day!⁣

Running the Peachtree is not some huge accomplishment...thousands of people do it every year...but my heart exploded because in this moment I realized I have wasted so many years dreaming, thinking, wishing...of all the places I want to go, adventures I want to experience, memories I hope to make. I think about my #bucketlist  and how many things have been sitting there for far too long.⁣

Life is short. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. If we just write a bucket list and never intentionally plan and/or go for it then all it will ever be is just another list. ⁣

Today marks the beginning of a new stage of my life...now is the time I just go for it. I’m done playing it safe. My kids are watching me and I’m so glad because the best way to teach them is to SHOW them. You’ll never have enough money or enough time. You’ll never be in good enough shape or have all the pieces fit perfectly together...I could go on. ⁣

Don’t let your bucket list of dreams and goals be just another “list”. Go chase them. Book the trip. Go for a run. Take a risk. Just DO IT.

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